PARAFLEX C2E ELF 18" & 21"

Design Specs

Size LxWxH: 1215mm x 915mm x 610mm

Volume: 678 Litres

Weight: 105KG (Approximate, BB Ply Unloaded)

Operating Specs

Fb: 28Hz

Operating Range: 28Hz-120Hz

Sensitivity: 28Hz-100Hz: 105.5dB avg 1w@1m

Maximum SPL: 138dB continuous 144dB Peak

Developers, Test builders and Project coordinators

Special Thanks and Appreciation

Special thanks to Declan O'Regan who has also made significant contributions to this project early on, Declan is also our HOQS Regional Support Director of The Middle East, contact him if you're in the middle east and need HOQS support, Declan also offers CAD services.

Additional thanks to the other Developers, test builders and project corderinators; Corey Fletcher, Jacques, Sosa, Jim Trudell, Johnny Payne, Matthew Morgan J, Melvin Maximus, Patrick Sander, Sady Veteran, Sean Robertson-Wright, Travis Grant, & Ty Cention.

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PARAFLEX C-2E ELF 18-21 1.3 CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.pdf

Change Notes: 1 - Brace A Table List size corrected to 733mm from 773mm

2 - Part# 4 - Path Panel C Size updated to 677mm

3 - Part#14 - 45 DEGREE END CAPS - 21" - Parts list corrected to 166.17mm

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