The HOQS PARAFLEX 2x12" V2 Wide Style Plan

Design Specs

Size: 1016mm x 610mm x 360mm

Volume: 223 Litres

Weight: 31.7KG (Approximate, BB Ply Unloaded)

Operating Specs

Operating Range: 90Hz-700Hz

Sensitivity: 90Hz-700Hz: 108dB avg. 1W@1M

Maximum SPL: 138dB continuous 144dB Peak

Recommended Drivers:


BMS 12N820

Beyma 12P80ND/V2

Beyma 12P80FE/V2

PARAFLEX Wide Style 2x12 PDF CC.pdf

Special thanks to T Willy Heiberg for these measurements of the WSV2-212 using SB Audience 12MW300

and big thanks to the development crew behind the scenes

Amos Gaynes, Andy Bergman, Angel Garabitos Romero, Chris Regalado, Craig Niro, 

Eric Ross, Jason Geban, Jordan Nelson, Mark Tomlin, Matthew Morgan J, Mathias Skåtun, 

Matusciac Alexandru, Patrick Sander, Phil Racki, Philip van Heijningen ,Rixon Martis, 

Rob Welsh, Sady Veteran, Skyler Thomas, T Willy Heiberg, Ty Cention

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WSV2 2x12

The Wide Style V2 series has the Band-Stop Filter chambers implemented as we had first employed in the G#1 V2 style 1x12 (also available now).  

These damped absorber chambers serve the same purpose as they did in the G#1 V2 which is to tame the odd-order upper harmonic resonances produced by the LTR section thereby reducing interference in our combined response which smooths the midrange response and improves performance in the time domain while also giving us a little more gain & extension on the cabinet's bottom end.

The result is a pleasantly smooth & rich yet tight sounding midrange with a more satisfying bottom-end even with modest 12" drivers like the SB Audience Rosso 12MW300 or the Faital FH500 series drivers which T Willy Heiberg is working with (and which produced the measurements I have included in this post's media section.. Thanks T Willy!  )

The B&C 12NDL88 which Skyler Thomas, Cory Olson, and Bennett Prescott swear by really shines in the G#1 V2 so it will also surely be a good choice in this cabinet as a general purpose kick-top.. 

There are many suitable drivers along with some very strong options including the upcoming HOQS N123 mid-woofer. 

This cabinet's fundamental tuning is 80hz but it is perfectly safe to High-Pass Filter at 70hz using a BW24 filter. On the upper end this cabinet's output is rolling off by the 700s but we have found that it will cross to an HF section at 800hz and it integrates nicely when set up that way (once aligned).

Much thanks to the global WS V2 development crew and massive appreciation for Ty Cention (HOQS Regional Support Director of Australia) who so kindly donates his time to put these PDFs files together for us, I am going to tag all of you guys in this post and I hope you don't mind.


Matthew Morgan J (MMJ) of The HOQS global collective

3D Model (Only supported on Desktop Currently)