Design Specs

Size (TRAPEZOID): 615mm x (600mm (front) 383mm (rear)) x 508mm

Volume: 150 Litres

Weight: 21.5KG (Approximate, BB Ply Unloaded)

Operating Specs

Fb: 77Hz

Operating Range: 80Hz-1,000Hz

Sensitivity: 80Hz-1,000Hz: 111dB avg. 1W@1M

Maximum SPL: 138dB continuous 144dB Peak

Recommended Drivers:


BMS 12N820

Beyma 12P80ND/V2

Beyma 12P80FE/V2

Developers, Test builders and Project coordinators

Special Thanks and Appreciation

Huge thanks and appreciation to the developers, test builders and project coordinators; Bryce Jones, Charlie Jervis, Connor Fraser, Cory Olson, Declan O'Regan, Discrete Sound, Eric Ross, Jacques Sosa, Johnny Payne, Luis Tad Aponte, Matthew Morgan J, Nick Meadows, Oscar Ellis Reeves, Patrick Sander, Riv Er, Rowan Steele, Shamus O'Bryan, Skyler Thomas, Spook. Audio Soundsystem, T Willy Heiberg, Tonefarm, Ty Cention, WAAT, & Wiscoflex.

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