HOQS F216C Ferrite 21" LF

PRICE: $875.00 AUD

This driver's motor is designed with Finite Element Analysis modeling (FEA) and outfitted with aerospace Industry grade ferrite material (equivalent to about Y37 ferrite) at 30mm thickness to produce an abundance of motor force

Optimized for HOQS Paraflex cabinet designs but will also work in other Folded Horn subwoofers designs, Scoops, RLH/BLH, QWP, FLH, Tapped Horn, Bandpass or Reflex cabinets.


Normal diameter

Power Handling

Power Handling

Voice Coil Diameter

Normal Impedance

Winding Material

Former Material

Winding Depth

Magnetic Gap Depth

Back Plate


Cone Material

Magnetic Material



Disclaimer: Thiele/Small 

The Thiele/Small parameters of a loudspeaker driver are measured under specific testing conditions, which may not accurately reflect the performance of the driver in all real-world situations. These parameters are typically measured in a laboratory setting, using specialized equipment and carefully controlled test conditions.

As such, the Thiele/Small parameters should be considered as a useful starting point for designing loudspeaker systems, but they may not accurately represent the behavior of the driver in all real-world scenarios. Factors such as enclosure design, room acoustics, and amplifier characteristics can all affect the performance of a loudspeaker driver.

It is important to note that the Thiele/Small parameters are not the only consideration when selecting a driver for a particular application. Other factors, such as power handling, frequency response, and distortion characteristics, should also be taken into account when designing a loudspeaker system.

Ultimately, the best way to evaluate the performance of a loudspeaker driver is to listen to it in a real-world setting, and to compare it with other drivers under similar conditions. 







Le @ 1Khz


Xmax Linear one-way


Xmech Peak to peak



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